Modern Car Accident Prevention Technology Don't Stop DWI

Modern Car Accident Prevention Technology Don’t Stop DWI

Car accidents are ranked as one of the major killers in the world instigated by the fact that it is the most common mode of transport. Human error and drunk driving being the fault of most accidents, reducing human control reliance while driving was the best solution for the Police State’s car manufacturers. A few years back surviving an accident was prioritized hence the introduction of seat belts and airbags but now the technology has advanced imminently making preventing the accident from happening the next step to save lives and damage. If you were hurt in a drunk driving accident, and your looking for a personal injury lawyer in Houston, TX that specializes in car accident lawsuits, contact an experienced car accident lawyer. Here are some of the gadgets the modern car is packed with to prevent car accidents.

Forward Collision Prevention

Most modern cars have sensors located in the headlights and a camera near the inside mirror to detect objects or foot-travelers in front and sideways of the vehicle and estimate the average stopping time depending on the speed. It then warns the driver, and if no action is taken and the object gets too close, the car automatically applies the brakes.

Lane Departure Warning & Lane Keeping Assist.

Cameras and sensors under the car monitor the road lines and alert the driver using audio and a flashing light on the instrument cluster display if there are sudden lane changes. Cars approaching at high speeds that may lead to a collision can also be detected by sensors in the rear bumper which alerts the driver using a flashing light on the side mirror or vibration on the steering wheel; some high-end vehicles assist the driver by turning the wheel back to its lane. Turning on the indicator light overrules the alert.

Blind spot monitoring

Car manufacturers have implemented blind spot monitoring and assistance technology which use sensors that identify the blind spot of a car and alerts the driver if a car or object is in the blind spot.

Drowsiness detection and adaptive headlights

This gadget determines whether the driver is tired or sleepy using various technologies such as an infrared camera mounted on the steering wheel which monitors head movement, eye motion, and steering patterns .Alerts may include a beep, a jerk on the brakes or a haul on the shoulder belt.

Rear view camera and Rear cross-traffic alert.

The rear view camera assists the driver to have to a clear view of the path as you reverse which has reduced accidents on low-lying objects or babies that can’t be seen using the rear view mirror.

The rear cross traffic alerts use sensors situated in the rear bumper to notify the driver of objects in the back of the automobile that cannot be seen by the rear camera.

This new technology enables the driver to have a clear view and complete command of the vehicle while driving. It also compensates for the less competent drivers by reducing the impact of the accidents or preventing them from happening at all.