Defendants Deserve The Best Criminal Defense

Defendants Deserve The Best Criminal Defense

Charged with a crime in Houston, TX?

You’ll Need a Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer

If so, you deserve to have one of the best Houston criminal defense lawyers in your corner. Jack B Carroll & Associates has a proven track record of success defending people accused of felony and misdemeanor offenses. He has developed a reputation for treating his clients with respect, dignity, and being honest with them about the truth of their situation.

Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer Jack B. Carroll

Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer Jack B. Carroll standing outside of the Harris County court house.

The Houston, Texas attorneys at Jack B Carroll & Associates take great pains to develop defense strategies for their clients. It’s not uncommon for us to hire private investigators for the purpose of conducting in-depth reviews of the details claimed by the state. Our goal is to uncover the facts and use those facts to develop a strong defense for each of our clients. As experienced criminal defense lawyers in Houston, we are renowned for achieving the best results possible for our clients, even in the worst types of situations.

Jack B. Carroll & Associates

A Respected Texas Criminal Law Firm

The criminal defense lawyers at Jack B. Carroll & Associates are respected by judges, prosecutors, and court staff as respectful, ethical professionals. They know who cares about the law and serving the people. Houston criminal defense lawyer Jack B. Carroll is Board Certified® in criminal law by the Texas Board of legal specialization. He practices criminal law in state and federal courts. He has been featured in the press on numerous occasions as a result of his excellence in defending individuals.

Jack B Carroll & Associates provides legal defense services for individuals charged with all levels of felonies in the state of Texas. Whether you’re charged with a first, second, or a third-degree felony, need a lawyer to help you fight a state jail felony, or if your life is on the line after being charged with a capital felony, we’re among the best criminal attorneys in Houston for the case.

Compassionate Texas Criminal Lawyers

Houston Juvenile Defense Attorneys

As experienced and caring Texas criminal lawyers, we’re always ready to help a juvenile that’s facing criminal charges or prosecution for such. The main goal of the criminal justice system in Texas, for adults, is punishment and ensuring the safety of the general public. The goal is different for juveniles, however.

When it comes to juvenile criminal offenders, the state of Texas wants to rehabilitate them and help them to become productive citizens and lucrative taxpayers in the future. This is better than living as inmates rotting away in prison. When a young person is found guilty of a crime, the punishment is usually much less severe than that of their adult counterparts.

Also worth noting, the jail facilities in which they are placed are meant to be safe, and constructive. They’re intended to be a place where juvenile offenders in Houston can learn the skills that will lead them to become productive adults. In short, the juvenile criminal justice system in Texas is predicated on preventing those kids from graduating into full-blown adult criminals.

At Jack B Carroll & Associates, our criminal defense lawyers can’t fathom the idea of one of their young clients been found guilty, without a chance to prove that they can stay out of trouble. Even in the worst-case situation, we’re usually able to get a teen out of a criminal charge with a deferred adjudication form of probation, so long as they don’t commit another offense for a set period of time.

Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer Practice Areas

  • Possession of marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and other controlled substances
  • Illegal or unlawful possession of a firearm
  • unlawful discharge of a firearm
  • evading arrest
  • introduction of a controlled substance into a penal institution
  • possession of child pornography
  • sexual assault and aggravated sexual assault
  • stalking and harassment cases
  • drunk driving offenses
  • intoxication manslaughter offenses
  • public intoxication
  • manufacture and delivery of a controlled substance
  • murder for hire plots
  • shoplifting, burglary, theft, robbery, and aggravated robbery
  • burglary of a habitation
  • mail and wire fraud
  • family assault and domestic violence
  • we also fight for bail bond reduction
  • we also defend people accused of bond jumping
  • homicide cases including murder, capital murder, negligent homicide, and manslaughter
  • all assault on public servant cases
  • making terroristic threats
  • habitual drunk driving offenders
  • unauthorized use of a motor vehicle
  • vehicular assault, and vehicular manslaughter
  • probation and parole violation
  • state and federal criminal appeals
  • all federal and state criminal charges

Finding a Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer

Contact The Recommended Law Firm

As you can see, Jack B Carroll & Associates is a full-service Texas criminal defense law firm that accepts clients charged with all sorts of criminal offenses. With over 20 years of experience and thousands of cases under his belt, if Houston criminal defense lawyer Jack B. Carroll is representing you, you’re in good hands.

If you have any questions or need to schedule a meeting with a Houston defense attorney, don’t hesitate to contact Mr. Carroll or his associate by dialing 713-228-4607.